We are a socially engaged company – we care about our environment. That’s why we support the biggest initiatives and institutions in the area of Corporate Social Responsibility. We are trying to act in a multi-faceted way, therefore we not only engage in nationwide aid actions, but we also organize our own charity actions for institutions and centers in our region.


We attach great importance to supporting the needy and job seekers, so we actively cooperate with the Spring Foundation, which organizes the Noble Box. We are a Social Investor in the area of Kraków – Podgórze, so we participate in preparing boxes and delivering them to the families covered by the Program. Its main premise is the idea of helping wisely – providing direct aid in a way that it is effective, concrete and meaningful, but also giving hope and an impulse to act to the families that are struggling. Every year our employees also participate in the collection of food, clothing, toys and other things handed over to our chosen families. As part of the Business Box launched in 2016, we participate in training volunteers from the Foundation who will help the unemployed to become ocupationally active.

We also support animal shelters – our staff organizes every year the collection of feed and blankets that we pass on to selected shelters.

We organize open collections for such foundations as the Christmas Orchestra (Wielka Orkiestra Świątecznej Pomocy) and internal collections for the organization Team Bone Marrow (Drużyna Szpiku)

We are convinced that supporting such initiatives is not only necessary, but also something wonderful.