How long does a Worker’s recruitment process last?

Depending on the Client’s expectations, recruitment may last from a 72 hours to a few weeks. We have an extensive database of active Candidates, which means that in case of need we are able to find the right specialist even in a few days. We may also boast of conducting large recruitment projects that involved finding a few dozen qualified Workers in two weeks.

How do we recruit Candidates?

We have our own database of active Candidates who have high professional qualifications and are ready to soon begin work abroad. Every day more professionals register with us. We place advertisements on all known web recruitment portals in Poland and also on sector forums and websites. Many Candidates recommend our help to other specialists.

How many Candidates are there in our database?

Currently our data base includes over 178,000 active Candidates. This number is constantly growing and data are updated daily.

Do Candidates know a foreign language?

Yes. Our experienced recruiters carefully check the foreign language skills declared by Candidates. We take care to ensure that the Candidates presented by us know German at least at communicative level – A2/B1 according to the skill descriptions of the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

What kind of Candidates does recruitment involve?

The Candidates that we present to Clients always have experience (often many years) as well as required certificates and professional licenses. We make every effort to reach highly-qualified specialists. We work out professional profiles of our Candidates, checking their references from previous Employers, and then present the best of them to our Clients in order to allow them to select the right Worker.

Do we coordinate the whole recruitment process?

Yes. We coordinate activities at all stages of recruitment. Caring for good business relations and mutual trust, we support both Employers and Workers, facilitating communication between them.

What is the cost of recruiting a temporary Worker?

Temporary work is an ideal alternative to costly employment of a Worker on a standard contract. We charge an agreed commission only for hours actually worked by our Candidate. In this way we want to emphasize how important to us is the satisfaction of our Clients and long-term cooperation.