Looking for a specialist? We will find him for you even in 72 hours.

1 Day

Briefing - Identify Vacancy and Evaluate Need

In a detailed conversation, we find out what kind of specialists our customer needs. Together, we set goals and opportunities.
We accept the order.

3 3

Selection process of candidates from our database

Thanks to a comprehensive database we are able to check the availability of a qualified worker for our Client and to send him the candidate’s profiles corresponding to the order.

If we do not have the necessary manpower at the moment, we will post an ad that meets the Client’s requirements.

Note: after this time, further action is taken by the Client who decides whether to accept the submitted candidacies. Afterwards the customer sends back the appropriate documents.

4 Day

Client's decision

In this phase of recruitment, the Client has all the documents necessary to make the decision. It is the time of the Client’s decision.

5 Day

Contract and required documents

When a Client has already made a choice,  we complete all required documents and determine the details of the cooperation.

6 Day

Work commencement

The last phase of the process is the arrival of the worker to the company, the signing of the contract and the beginning of the work.